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I fell in love with the beautiful woman in the foot bath shop. After getting drunk that night, she did something behind my back

The first time I walked into the foot bath shop, I went with my boss. My name is zhe. I’m…

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It’s more comfortable to massage by mouth than by hand. Would you accept it?

Have you ever had a pedicure? To be exact, have you ever had foot massage with mouth? Many people like…

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The female foot bath technician created an original foot massage, sat on the side in black silk, and skillfully raised her feet and patted

As the saying goes, people’s life is to grow in continuous learning. If you don’t learn, you will definitely regress….

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Stepping on the back with silk feet is a health care program. The club has developed a method of stepping on the back

Today’s health clubs in large and medium-sized cities are struggling to survive, suffering from serious influx in the industry, and…