Sexy white pantyhose silk stockings

Sexy white pantyhose silk stockings

For the beautiful women who often wear skirts, they also love and hate the silk stockings.

Wearing silk stockings makes the slim legs more beautiful, but at the same time, the thin silk stockings are not very durable, and they will change their appearance if they are accidentally cut.

I have seen a way to solve the problem of wearability before. Here I share with you:

Do not unpack the bought stockings first, and put them in the freezer with the package for more than 24 hours, then take them out and wear them when they are at a constant temperature.

Because the strength of the fiber of the stockings will increase after freezing, the frozen stockings are not easy to thread than the unfrozen ones.

The retractable range of the stockings before and after freezing is shortened from 17.5 cm to 17 cm, and the retractable range of the two is reduced by about 0.5 cm.

Because the effect of freezing locks the water, it can enhance the strength and toughness of the stockings, so as to avoid the fast relaxation of the stockings fiber, thus extending the wearing life of the stockings.

Similarly, soaking nylon socks in vinegar water has a similar effect, because it will reduce the molecular activity, but the corresponding elasticity will be reduced.

I still think freezing is the most convenient and best. I always do it. Personally, I think it’s really OK. I believe that everyone will have the embarrassment of careless socks running outside. I once went to buy socks and change them halfway.

From then on, if I wear silk stockings, I must put a pair of spare in my bag, just in case. Do you have the same experience as me.

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