calzedonia flesh-colored pantyhose

calzedonia flesh-colored pantyhose

Calzedonia, a brand from Italy, is also a brand endorsed by the star – Yang Mi. Most of its brands are mainly girls’ clothing. This is Amway’s silk stockings.

Generally speaking, the brand is of medium grade, the texture is very good, and the line of the leg is very beautiful.

It has high cost performance because it can also be compared with big brand stockings such as Gucci. Each has its own unique design.

Although it is in favor of the public, the reputation of this brand in Italy is really good.

It is a favorite style of many stars. It can be matched with normal stiletto shoes, top shaping or loose version.

The brand of silk stockings that Yang Mi loves is generally comfortable to wear and has a variety of styles.

Basically, every single item is the same style as the star,

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