Constantly panting stockinged lingerie beauty

Amidst the gloomy northern ruins, a flirtatious young girl with a long black ponytail, a long flowing sea on either side of her face, a winged headdress and large round silver earrings wove her way through the vicious werewolves with a huge scythe in her hand.
“Yah!!!” With a chirpy shout, she swung her large scythe and slashed the werewolves away one by one, then leapt up magnificently and chopped them out of the air, reaching down towards the head of the werewolf she was stepping on under her high heels.
The werewolf staggered to its feet, a large skull floating above its head, and the wolves of its kind around it also had this skull floating above their heads at the same time.
The girl was dressed in an extremely thin backless grey cheongsam with vertical stripes, her slender legs in attractive black and red pantyhose, and her slender hands in long black silk gloves, with the characteristic beautiful and feminine face of an oriental woman and her seductive black eyes.
She turned into a puff of smoke and flashed into the distance, raising her right hand slowly with her back to the swarming wolves and snapping her fingers with a smile on her face.
“Puff!!!” The wolves who were branded with death immediately exploded in the middle of the wolves, and the wolves who were branded with death simultaneously spurted out a stream of blood from their mouths and collapsed.
“Hmph …… little girl …… has some skills …… dare to intrude into my chief’s territory alone… …” the huge red werewolf sitting with his back to the girl in the distance shook the huge hammer in his hand towards the ground with a loud boom.

“People have names, my name is (evy) Iffy, and because you attacked our village and caused the death of the great spider that guarded it for Sister Tir, I have been commissioned by the Order and the village mercenary corps to come specifically to clean up your brutal werewolves.”
“Damn woman, although I don’t know what you’re talking about, it pisses me off to talk about us as if we’re useless!”
“Oh, I’m sorry then, but it would be best if you could leave on your own so we don’t have to fight each other, right?” Iffy continued with a smile in reply.
“Bastard!!! Do you think I, Chief Red Fury, am a cowardly rat?!” Chief Red Fury swung his huge hammer, which was over 3 metres, at Iffy in anger.
“Yah, what a big hammer, it’s a bit scary.” Iffy hurriedly dodged backwards to avoid the Chief’s heavy blows, but the huge hammer connected three times and came after her.
“So powerful …… but it must be a lot of work to swing such a huge hammer, right?” Iffy said with a smile as she dodged.
“Bastard!!!” Chief Red Fury was a little annoyed when he couldn’t hit anyone continuously, and regrouped his hammer to adjust his direction towards Iffy before charging forward.
Iffy smiled faintly and flashed behind the chief in a flash as he turned into a black smoke the moment the hammer came towards him.
“Where’d the man go?!”
“Hey! HA! Drink!!!” Iffy swung her scythe, twirling her slender waist like a dance, and slashed the chief several times from behind, and when the scythe finally came down, several red threads were released from Iffy’s hand, strangling the chief’s sinewy muscles.
“Human woman? Since when did you escape behind me?!” The chief turned around violently and slammed his hammer down, and Iffy flashed a dozen meters away with another instantaneous shift.
“Run away? People didn’t run away.” Iffy raised her right hand and shook the silk thread in her hand and laughed.
“Eh? When did it get tangled in my hand?” The chief looked at the silk thread wrapped around his arm.
“It was just now, big chief, try someone’s death wrap?” Iffy smiled and gave the silk thread a sharp tug, the thin thread strangled and sliced into the chief’s muscles in one swift movement, exploding in a large splash of blood.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh that hurts!!!” The Chief screamed and gasped as he dropped to one knee.
“What a chance.” Iffy raised his large scythe and rushed to the Chief, brushing it off with another round of continuous dancing, the tip of the blade poking into the Chief’s muscles in one swift motion.
“What a thick muscle …… not strong enough …… to poke through it ……,” Iffy’s scythe got stuck in the chief’s chest muscles.
“Hmph …… Damn woman, finally got you ……” Chief Red Rage raised his head and glared at Iffy with his huge wolf eyes, gripping his scythe violently in his hand before slamming it hard into the ground.
“Yaaaah?!!!” With the scythe attached to his hand, Iffy’s whole body was flung up with it and smashed heavily into the ground.
“It hurts! …… ah …… my ass ……” Iffy’s scythe fell out of her hand and her high puffy breasts pressed beneath her as she crumpled to the ground panting.
“Die !!!!” The chief swung his sledgehammer towards the fallen Iffy and slammed it down in one blow.
“Ah?!” Iffy ducked and rushed to shield herself with both hands.
“CLANG!!!” Only a loud clang was heard as a large white shard popped up around Iffy.
“Magic shield?!!! It’s broken?!!! Yahhh?!!!” Iffy’s whole body was shaken by the huge impact and flew out, hitting the wall heavily. Although she was protected by the magic shield, her hands were already trembling from the shock, and the black silk gloves she wore on her hands and the dress on her chest were torn, revealing her white skin and snow-white breast flesh.
“That hurts …… nah ……,” Iffy moaned as she sat down on the ground and Chief Red Rage walked over in triumph.
“Hmph, after all, a soft little girl, how dare you come and challenge me alone?!!! DIE!!!” Chief Red Fury smashed over with another big hammer.
“Yah …… no good ……” Iffy hurriedly struggled to get up and dodged to the side, but still got cut on her body by the sledgehammer.
“Aaaahhhh!” Iffy shrieked and tumbled out of the room, the magician’s body was very fragile without the protection of her magic shield. legs had a dozen gouges and torn holes in the pantyhose, revealing the white skin of their legs.
“No …… it hurts ……,” Iffy gasped as she lay on the floor, her chest heaving violently, her stocking-shattered thigh-high legs writhing slowly.
“Hmph, how tempting …… it seems a shame to kill you like that ……” Chief Red Rage walked over, grabbed Iffy’s slender ankles and grabbed her whole body.
“Let go of me …… ah ……”
Chief Red Rage grabbed Iffy’s crotch pantyhose, attached to the black lace panties inside, and tore them with a firm grip.
“Yaaaaaaah?! Stop?!!!” Iffy’s cheeks flushed crimson as her crotch pantyhose and panties were torn to shreds in one swift motion, revealing a huge gaping hole, her own honey hole exposed unprotected.
“I’ll show you bitch a good lesson about my Red Rage Chief!!!” The Chief yelled, twisting Iffy’s hands back, pulling down his trousers and poking his red, angry, oversized rod in towards Iffy’s incredibly small honey hole in one swift motion.
“Yahhhhhhh? !!!! Stop!!! It hurts!!!? It’s going to split aaaahhhh?!!!” Iffy screamed as she threw her head back and wriggled around, her stocking tattered legs splayed out in mid-air and twisting about.
“I’m going to thrust you to death!!!” Chief Red Rage yelled as he pushed his huge rod into Iffy’s completely out of size pussy, one hand gripping Iffy’s slim waist hard and pressing down.
“Ohhhhhhhhh !!!!” As Iffy let out a scream, the huge big red rod of flesh actually poked hard into Iffy’s honey hole, pushing her entire belly up and bulging out.
“Ohhhh?!!! Aaaahhhh!!! Yaaaaaaaah!!!” Iffy threw her head back and opened her wide eyes uncontrollably as she cried out, her petite body caught by Chief Red Rage thrusting up and down furiously on her own big angry rod, making loud sounds of flesh rubbing together.
“Stop …… stop!!! …… no!!! …… ahhhhhhhh!!!” Iffy cried out through her tears, her stomach bulging high from the inside at once, pushing her body up into a backward arching spasm.
“That’s all it took?! I’m not even warmed up yet!!!” Chief Red Rage laughed.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Iffy’s nubile body was poked and prodded dozens more times by Chief Red Rage, her legs in tattered stockings fluttering in mid-air as she went up and down.
“Puff !!!! Puff!!!”

“OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Iffy cried out in agony as a huge spurt of hot white cum spurted wildly from her bottom like a bomb explosion, spraying her tattered black and red pantyhose everywhere, her belly bulging round, the expression on Iffy’s pretty face completely distorted as her eyes rolled back in her head from being fucked by the Red Rage Chief.
“Really, what’s taking that little mage named Iffy so long to get back, and of let me out to find her, mace don’t need to learn warrior use what war scythe ……” deep in the ruins, another woman with long blonde hair tall 25 or so years old killed in with sword and shield in hand , she held up her shield all the way to block various attacks from the werewolf before poking her opponent through with her sword and flinging him aside.
“How come you just took care of one woman and here comes another! Who are you!?!!” The werewolf who had been kicked to the ground backed up and shouted.
“Hmph, remember my big sister’s name well, my name is Fiona and I’m here to find a female mage with a large scythe called Iffy, tell me where she is if you see one and my big sister can consider sparing your life.” Fiona asked with a smile as she stepped forward and planted a foot on the werewolf’s crotch with her stilettos.
“Yahhhhhh?! That hurts!!! I say …… she seems to have been captured by Lord Chief Red Fury …… just ahead ……”
“Okay, thanks.” Fiona smiled as she poked her sword through the werewolf’s throat, then pulled it out and turned away.
“Is this the lair of Chief Red Fury? …… en?!” Fiona was wearing silver low-cut, tight soft armour, a pair of incredibly attractive, round, huge breasts on her chest were tightly strangled inside the soft armour as if they would burst out at any moment, her hands were covered in long white leather gloves, and between her slim brute waist was a super sexy, translucent, white pleated skirt, with white lace panties faintly visible underneath, her slender legs were covered in white lace stockings and 15cm super high heels Behind the short skirt was a superbly hot and sexy ass.
Fiona had just stepped through the ramshackle door when she heard the guttural sounds of wailing and moaning from Iffy.
“Ehhhh! …… ooooh!!! …… oooh!”
Iffy was seen covered in tattered clothes, her hands tied behind her back, a pair of high, snow-white breasts bursting out from the rope tightly strangling them, while her long, slender legs in tattered pantyhose were tied tightly together with the rope tied around them, her ass high up in the air, being held from behind by a werewolf fucking her dead from the waist, bent forward, her pair of tits fluttering up and down, grabbed by the werewolf’s claws, her lips stretched into an o-shape, and the werewolf’s large rod being poking into her mouth and thrusting in and out.
“Ooohnnn!!! Oooh!!!” Iffy’s high snowy white ass was covered in red claw marks and whitish cum, and her face was shot all over with cum, a huge amount of it sticking to her long slender legs in her tattered stockings and slowly dripping down.
“What’s gotten into her like this?! Let her go now!” Fiona shouted as she raised her sword.
“Eh?! Another one?!” Chief Red Fury stood up from the ground and looked at Fiona with his hammer in his hand.
“This one has big tits and an even bigger body, so let’s just grab them together and take our time!” Chief Red Rage laughed.
“My lady’s name is Fiona, be a good girl and let that little girl go, and my lady will reward you with a good time!” Fiona shouted at Red Rage with her sword raised and her winks half-closed in contempt.
“Damn, more arrogant than the first one!!! When I get my rod between your legs, you’ll be screaming all the same! Akira angrily swung his hammer and smashed it.
“Hmph …… you think I’m as easy to deal with as that soft little girl?!” Fiona laughed contemptuously and raised her shield, taking the mighty hammer hard.
“BAM!!!” Fiona was shaken and slid out of the way a few steps, followed by a stab of her sword towards Red Rage’s thigh.
Red Rage, who had just been surprised by the fact that his opponent was a woman and could take his sledgehammer, wasn’t paying attention and his thigh was already stabbed through, bleeding profusely.
Fiona leapt up and stomped on Red Rage’s head with her high heels in one swift motion, then raised her sword and stabbed it down at Red Rage’s helmet.
“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!” Red Fury cried out in agony as the top of his head was poked through with the sword and he fell backwards.
“Hmph, so big, but still not the goods to be killed by this lady in seconds.” Fiona contemptuously stomped on Red Fury’s head with her high heels and turned her head to look at the wolves who were flabbergasted and gang raping Iffy a moment ago.
“Quick …… run!!!” The wolves dropped Iffy and fled.
Fiona walked up to the tied up Iffy and smiled.
“What’s the matter, my clever Archmage, the scythe isn’t very lined up, is it, having someone catch you whole in this miserable state.”
“Faye …… Fiona? ……” Iffy gasped as her mouth dripped white cum and she looked up.
“It’s me, my lady, who has come to your rescue, so why don’t you get down on your knees and thank me gratefully.” Fiona said with a smile.
“Fiona …… don’t be ridiculous …… untie me ……”
“Hmph, who’s going to save you if you don’t say thank you, just keep waiting here for those werewolves to come back and gang rape you.” Fiona said turning around as if to leave.
“Fiona? …… you are too much oh …… people are getting …… weak in the legs from that red rage …… can hardly walk …… you still ……” Fiona said in a delicate voice as she wriggled her tightly bound body, tears streaming out of her eyes.
“Well, why are you crying ah, this lady is just joking now, really, all right, I’ll take you back here is good.” Fiona shook her head and cut the rope on Iffy’s body with her sword, but Iffy sat straight down on the ground.
“What’s wrong, Miss Iffy? ……”
“I’ve been ravaged by werewolves for so long before you came …… It hurts down there …… I can’t stand up ……,” Iffy said in a delicate voice.
“Then what do you want?” Fiona asked impatiently.
“Fiona you’re so strong, can’t you carry me back.” Iffy whispered.
“You …… well …… don’t make an exception for next time.” Fiona put away her sword, looking irritated, and let Iffy climb onto her back.
“You say you’re playing nice with your staff, what’s the point of getting a scythe …… just your delicate body, one touch from someone and you’re done for.” Fiona said.
“I like the scythe. I’m jealous watching Fiona fight the enemy in close quarters.” Iffy said deliberately.
“Yeah …… but only carry you this once oh, next time I don’t care if you slip up …… hum!” Fiona seemed to be impressed and carried Iffy back, while Iffy wiped her tears and snickered on Fiona’s back.
A few days later “My Scythe Lady Onii-chan, still not recovered after a few days rest?” Fiona walked into Iffy’s room wearing only her white lace lingerie and white stocking heels and stood in front of Iffy’s bed with one hand on her waist.
“Not yet …… how can my ‘delicate’ body compare to Fiona’s strong physique ……” Iffy replied as she lay on her back and rolled over in bed.
“Bugger off, don’t keep saying my lady’s body is strong or something, it sounds like a muscle girl.” Fiona replied with a grin as she jutted out her large tits with deep cleavage on her chest.
“Fiona, could you please bring me the box on the table, I have something to give you as a thank you for saving me the other day.” Iffy said suddenly.
“Oh? You’re too kind, but it would be unkind of me not to accept it. Let’s just see what it is.” Fiona smiled and turned around, opening the box.
“Rope …… tape …… mouth ball? …… And what’s this? ……” Fiona asked with an embarrassed expression as she looked in amazement at the huge pile of incredibly kinky adult props in the box and picked up a thick vibrator.
Suddenly, Fiona felt a gust of wind blow behind her and her hands were suddenly clipped behind her back in a death grip.
“Body tied?!!! Damn Iffy what are you doing?!” Fiona looked down and saw dozens of thin red silk threads suddenly binding her body tightly, especially her big, tall, round tits, which were strangled into several sexy cuts by the threads, and her stockinged legs were also bound together in a dense bundle of silk threads.
“Hmph, as I said, it’s a special thank you for Fiona-san’s arrogance and rudeness the other day.” Iffy fiddled with the threads in her hands and smiled as she sat on the edge of the bed.
“Who’s being arrogant and rude, Iffy, you damn girl, untie me! So tight? And I’m carrying you back!” Fiona struggled hard, but the silk strangled deeper and deeper into her pale skin.
“Hmph, who was it that said I should get down on my knees and pay my respects …… If I hadn’t pretended to cry and said I liked your fighting valor, you would have carried me back, huh?” Iffy said with a strong tug with his hand, Fiona unstable standing a moment to fall to the floor.
“Say it …… you arrogant big breasted girl.” Iffy rubbed her black pantyhose clad foot against Fiona’s large tits.
“Who’s an arrogant big breasted girl …… Iffy you fucking girl watch how I’ll get you when I break free!!!” Fiona shouted petulantly.
“Yah, and clean up after me, I’m so scared.” Iffy smiled and gave the silk thread a tug, which suddenly strangled deep into Fiona’s skin, shredding the black lace underwear she was wearing and making a gaping hole in her stockings.
“Yaaaaaaaaaah?!!!” Fiona cried out, a pair of large tits on her chest being strangled into a ball by the silk thread and her nipples being wrapped and strangled in two, a trail of white juice seeping out of them.
“How’s that for comfort? Miss Fiona, I’m going to ‘thank’ you properly now.” Iffy smiled as she pulled out the thickest one from the box with the huge pellet-bearing South Pong and red gag ball and carried Fiona to the bed in one fluid motion, wrapping her arms around her slender waist and saying wickedly.
“Damn girl!!! …… you got it …… ahhhhhhhhhh? …… oooohhhhhhhhh?” Before Fiona could finish her sentence, her lips were already being sucked tightly into Iffy’s mouth as Iffy poked the large southern evening country into Fiona’s bottom in one swift motion, thrusting and thrusting while holding and kissing Fiona, who was tightly bound by silk threads, as she rolled back and forth on her own bed.

“Eh?! Oooooh! ……” Fiona was tied to the chair with silk strings by Iffy, her long white silk legs spread out towards the sides, her calves bent back to be pulled under the chair and tied together at the ankles, her honey hole wide open and exposed, poked deep inside by Iffy with a thick black pellet vibrator, exposing a small part of the outside.
Iffy’s lips sucked on Fiona’s mouth in a deadly kiss for a long time before releasing the two panting.
“As if that alone wasn’t enough punishment for you~” laughed Iffy as she brought her fingers to her lips, sticking to the fragrant juices brought out of Fiona’s mouth.
“Is that so? …… en …… So what other tricks do you have up your sleeve? ……” Fiona asked, smiling with her wintry eyes half closed.
“Hmph, what kind of attitude is that, call me Her Majesty Iffy~” Iffy said as she lifted her black silk legs and used her high heels to stomp hard on the section of vibrator exposed outside Fiona’s honey hole, stepping in a large amount deep at once.
“Yaaaaaaaah?!!! …… oh my god …… oh ……” Fiona yelped loudly as she tilted her head back, her long blonde hair tossing.
Iffy took a black blindfold and blindfolded Fiona’s eyes for a moment, then with a cold, hard tug on the silk thread in her hand, the thread strangling Fiona’s nipples immediately tightened, instantly strangling Fiona’s stiff nipples into three long lengths and pulling them out.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh?!!! …… my nipples?!!! …… You’re breaking it?! …… yaaaaaahhhhh!!! ~~” Fiona squirmed violently and screamed in waves.
“Hey hey, come on, moan a little louder ~~” Iffy smiled, pulling out her short whip and giving Fiona’s big, snowy, round tits a hard thrust.
“Slap !!!!”
“Ehhhh?!!! ……” Fiona’s body bounced electrically, followed by a few more strokes that smacked against her big snowy white elastic tits, bouncing her big tits up and down.
“Yahhhh!!! …… Ehhhh!!! …… Damn girl …… pumping me so hard …… see how I turn around …… yeaaaahhh! ” Before Fiona could finish her sentence, Iffy lashed out at her stretched nipples, causing her to suck back a breath of air.
“How feeble, I told you to call me Queen Iffy oh~” Iffy smiled as she sat on Fiona’s lap, wrapped her arms around Fiona’s neck, cupped Fiona’s big tits with her hands that were red marks everywhere from the whipping, and gave her another deep kiss on the lips.
“Oooh?!!! …… en ……” The two cuddled together in the chair writhing their seductive white bodies, their two pairs of high breasts squeezing hard together and rubbing against each other.
“Fiona’s breasts are so big …… and super elastic, I’m so jealous~” Iffy laughed as she rubbed and squeezed Fiona’s large tits, pinching the elongated nipples with her nails.
“Ehhhh! …… ah …… it tickles! …… Don’t play with my …… nipples …… eh ha ha ha? ……” Fiona moaned as she laughed out loud.
“Comfortable? …… Hey, with such majestic breasts, you need to add some ornaments to make them look good~” said Iffy with a bad smile as she took the two nipple rings.
“Eh? …… What decorations? …… Iffy …… what bad idea are you having again …… eh ahhhhhhhh?!!! That hurts? !!!!” Fiona suddenly cried out, irritated by the sharp pain coming from her nipples.
“Hmph, as I’ve said many times, add the salutation of Her Majesty after your name oh, and this nipple ring will punish you for wearing it all the time~” Iffy pierced the tip of the sharp nipple ring through Fiona’s nipple in one swift motion and closed it.
“What?! …… nipple rings? …… It hurts …… Damn girl stop it …… Yahhhhhhh!!!?” Before Fiona could say anything else, the other nipple was pierced and the two nipple rings had thin chains attached between them, and Iffy pulled back hard with her hands on the chains.
“Ahhhhhhhhh !!!!? …… Let go!!! …… nipples hurt?!!! ……” Fiona immediately squirmed and shrieked.
“That’s more beautiful …… Fiona, lick my Queen’s toes properly~” smiled Ife as she removed the high heels from her right foot, stretched out her black stocking clad paws and stuck her toes into the mouth of Fiona who was moaning with her mouth open.
“Oooh?!!! …… eh?!!! ……” Fiona’s mouth was instantly stuffed with Iffy’s stockinged foot, and at first she resisted a little, but after a moment she slowly licked Iffy’s toes with her tongue.
“How about that, do my Queen’s toes taste good, eh?” Iffy smiled as she held Fiona’s chin in her hand and half closed her winks.
“Eh …… oooh ……” Fiona licked and licked and then suddenly gave a strong bite with her teeth.
“Ohhh?! That hurts?! …… Goodness Fiona, you actually bit me~~ …… And don’t let go!” Iffy cringed in pain and jerked her foot out at once.
“Oh, the dead girl’s toes really taste good then …… let sister bite some more~” laughed Fiona.
“Yeah, don’t you dare be poor ……,” Iffy sneered, lifting her heels again and stepping hard on the vibrator that was stuck in Fiona’s honey hole, while her hands gave a hard yank on the chains.
“Ohhhhhhhhhh?!!! Aaaahhhh!!! …… ahhhh …… ehhhh!!!” Fiona immediately threw back her head and violently twisted her body and screamed incessantly, so much lewd water flowed out between her legs at once.
“Slutty Fiona, climax, right? …… The Queen will make you feel even better,” Iffy smiled as she strangled Fiona’s clit with the silk thread and then flicked the taut thread with her fingers.
“Ohhhhhhhhhh?!!! ……” Fiona shuddered again with a shuddering cry and more lust oozed from her nectar.
Then Iffy kept flicking the silk thread, strangling Fiona’s clit in a constant frenzy.
“Aha?!!! …… ehhhh!!! …… stop …… dead girl …… there …… yahhhhhhh!!! ……”
“That’s all you can take? There’s something more exciting~” Iffy said as she took out an electric magic stone and held it in her hand, then used her magic to activate the stone to release the electricity inside at once, instantly transmitting it to Fiona’s clit with a silk thread.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!? !!!!” Fiona’s whole body shuddered wildly in the chair at once as she was electrified, and a huge amount of lewd water spurted out of her honey hole.
“Too bad I didn’t have an oversized electric magic stone ready, otherwise I could have electrocuted you until you were incontinent~” Iffy said with a wintry smile.
“Ah …… ah ……” Fiona gasped as she leaned back in the chair, the lustful water flowing from her honey pussy continuing to trickle down the chair.
“So much water is flowing down there …… Fiona really is a good female M for coaching, huh~ Iffy let go of the silk thread when she suddenly heard someone calling from downstairs.
“Miss Iffy, Captain Marley and Miss De Yun of the Knights have urgent business for you, please come to the mercenary office!”
“Yah …… why is there something at this time …… what a bummer …… people are just about to start~” Iffy murmured .
“Fiona, wait for me here obediently, I’ll be right back to punish you oh~ By the way, in order to prevent you from shouting and screaming to bring people here, I’ll gag your little mouth.” Iffy smiled and slowly took off the black pantyhose she was wearing, crumpled it into a large ball and squeezed Fiona’s mouth open.
“Ahh …… en …… oooh?!!!” Fiona’s mouth was instantly filled to the brim with the large ball of pantyhose, her cheeks puffing out as Iffy continued to stuff them in, poking the exposed part of the pantyhose in with her fingers a little.
“Ooohnnn?!” Fiona’s mouth couldn’t close with the large ball of pantyhose before Iffy pulled out a red gag ball and jammed it dead between Fiona’s teeth, gagging the pantyhose inside, then pulled out another pair of black stockings and wrapped them around Fiona’s mouth and gag ball, wrapping them around her head several times and tying them dead at the back of her head.
“Ooooh!!!” Fiona’s mouth was now gagged and her red gag balls bulged high and faintly visible under the translucent black stockings.
“Stay well here, I’m off.” Iffy said as she reshuffled into another pair of black pantyhose, dressed and opened the door to go out.
Inside the mercenary office “Iffy-san, you’re here, have you seen Fiona-san? We couldn’t find it anywhere.” De Yun, who had become captain of the Order at such a young age, was a gallant young woman, wearing a beret, while Marley wore his huge steel helmet for years and wouldn’t take it off.
“No yet, what is it that you want to see me about so urgently?”
“A large number of goblins have been found in the Ice Valley, possibly related to the demon thing, and the werewolves seem to have been influenced by the demons to attack humans on a large scale, so I’d like to ask Miss Iffy to look into it.”
“Goblins, it’s a small thing~” Iffy replied with a smile.
“Miss Iffy must not be careless, there is also a giant bear called the Frost Tyrant that haunts there and is a great threat ……”
“Is that so, then just take care of it along with it, won’t there be a lot of extra bounty?” Iffy asked with a smile.
“That …… bounty to be sure, that is ……”
“That’ll do, you guys wait for me, I’ll be right back~” said Iffy, grabbing her scythe and rushing out.

“Hey …… Miss Iffy?!” Got Yun shouted.
“Never mind, she’s always been so inexplicably confident, obviously she was given …… by Chief Red Fury a few days ago,” Marley muttered.
“Marley, you’d better find Miss Fiona and go with her, I’m worried about Miss Iffy.”
“Hmph, why should I listen to you~” said Marley, turning his head to the side.
“I just don’t understand why you’ve been treating me badly since I came back, when you were obviously very good mates as a child.” Deun said.
“Well don’t argue, Marley just go and find out, you still know best around the village.” Said Kaiyara who had long red hair on one side.
“Alright ……” Marley seemed a little reluctant and walked out of the office.
After looking around the village, Mari didn’t see any sign of Fiona, and was wondering, when he suddenly remembered that Fiona might have gone to look for Iffy, so he went outside Iffy’s room inside the inn, and just as soon as he knocked on the door, it opened by itself.
“Really, why don’t you even lock the door ……” Marley walked in, only to see Fiona gagged with blindfolded stockings, tied up in a dense bundle of red silk thread all over her body with her legs lewdly tied apart on a chair, a huge black vibrator in her honey hole, a pair of Her big, tantalising, snow-white tits were covered in whip marks and her nipples were covered in lascivious, golden nipple rings attached to chains.
“Whaaat’s this? ……” Marley was startled, but followed closely by an instantly erect crotch at the sight of Fiona’s incredibly hot and sexy almost naked body.
“Woo? ……” Fiona didn’t seem to notice anyone had come in yet as she was still lost in the pleasure of her honey hole being thrust deep into the large southern evening and the pleasure of her twisting body with her nipples being strangled by the silk thread.
“So these two little girls like to play with this …… no wonder Miss Iffy looked so anxious just now ……” Marley thought to herself.
“It seems that Fiona-san is blindfolded and can’t see it …… her body is too …… tempting~~” Marley was getting hotter and hotter as he watched, seeing Fiona blindfolded and gagged, being Marley, who was overwhelmed with lust, slowly walked over to Fiona’s side and took hold of Fiona’s big, round tits with his hand, and with his other hand, he took hold of the big South Pongol that was deep in her honey hole and rotated it hard.
“Ooooh?!!! Oooooh!!!!” Fiona immediately screamed out loud, her body twisting and turning, her pair of big tits flopping around, watching Marley’s nosebleeds spurt out.
“Shit, can’t take it anymore!!!” Marley pulled off his trousers and pulled out the south pong that had been plunged into Fiona’s bottom so hard that it brought out so much lust, and then slammed his big, angry rod into Fiona’s nectar as hard as he could.
“Ooohnnn!?!! Ooohnnnnn?!!!” Fiona felt very comfortable at first, but on second thought it didn’t feel quite right because what was thrusting in was hot and bouncy, not at all what those props felt like, and by the sound of gasping, it wasn’t even Ife, but a man.
“Oooooooooooooooooooooooo?!!!” Fiona realised she was being raped by a man who didn’t know who it was and wriggled her body hard to struggle.
“So charged …… I could tell she was hot just by looking at that body, and sure enough~~” Marley slammed his big rod into Fiona’s honey dripping pussy while comfortably tugging at the nipple rings on Fiona’s nipples squeezing her big elastic super gangly tits enjoying .
“Ooohnnnnnnn?!!! Oooh!!!” Fiona threw her head back and cried out as Marley sat on Fiona’s lap, wrapping his arms around Fiona’s soft white body in a death grip, his loins thrusting hard and non-stop, the soul-crushing nectar making him feel so good that he pressed one hand on Fiona’s round ass again and squeezed it hard.
The chair shook violently as Marley got off on Fiona’s jade hole long enough to take off his helmet and kiss Fiona’s snowy white, round tits with his mouth, then bite Fiona’s nipples with his teeth.
“Ooohnnn? !!!! Oooh!!!” Fiona threw her head back and screamed incessantly, struggling even more violently.
“Puff!!! Puff!!! Puff!!!” Marley was so happy that he finally shot a huge amount of hot cum into Fiona’s nectar, holding Fiona in his arms as she spasmed and spasmed, grabbing the short whip on one side and pounding it against Fiona’s big tits in arousal.
“Slap slap slap slap !!!!”
“Ooooohnnnnnnnnnnn?!!!” Fiona shuddered as she was whipped and shuddered underneath Marley.
Marley held back his excitement as he looked at the various kinky sex props in the box next to him, picking them up one by one with his hands and greeting them on Fiona ……
Iffy the Ice Valley was wearing a super sheer rose princess white pleated gown and red bodice as she slashed her way through the goblins with her war scythe.
“What the hell, these guys look weaker than werewolves, Deun-san is too cautious~” Iffy laughed as she swung her war scythe into a huge ice cave, and all at once several huge goblins in armor appeared, much larger than the average goblin.
“Out at last, eh, chief of the goblins?” Iffy smiled and stood with one hand in the air.
“A human? A human stupid enough to trespass into our territory alone? Second brother, third brother, clean her up!!!” The older Ibek brother shouted at his two younger brothers.
“Yes, ahahahaha, come and have some fun with us!!!”
Ibek’s second brother picked up a huge slingshot and shot it at Ife.
“That’s ridiculous, using a slingshot as a weapon, it’s weird if it can hit me~” Iffy moved behind Ernie in a flash and poked him in the butt with a swing of her war scythe.
“Sorry, does that hurt? ~” Iffy winced as she put away her scythe and dodged her big brother’s big axe.
“Get her!!! Bastard!!! Don’t you dare poke me in the ass!!!” Brother Two shouted, covering his buttocks.
The three goblins circled around Iffy, but they couldn’t do anything with her agile hands. Iffy teleported from side to side and then hooked her scythe, slashing the three goblins and making them wince.
“Iffy released red threads from her hands and wrapped them around the bodies of the three goblins.
“What is this thing?!”
“Snap!!!” Iffy teleported behind the three and snapped her fingers, the threads reeled in with a jerk, and a spray of blood burst from the bodies of the three, screaming in pain.
“No, this chick is so powerful, retreat first!!!” Brother Ibek dropped his axe and fled deeper into the icy valley, dragging Brother Two and Brother Three with him.
“Hey, just run away, huh? I haven’t had enough yet?! Come back!!!” Iffy raised his war scythe and chased after him, when he suddenly saw a bag fall from Brother Ibek’s trousers.
“Hmph, forget it, you guys are quick to run, let’s see what’s in the bag?” Iffy opened the bag and there were quite a few gold coins inside, as well as a pair of maps.
“What kind of map is this? Spider cave? …… I think I’ve heard the sister at the grocery shop say before that there are great exotic silk sets in the spider caves in the Valley on Ice~ Yikes, I must go check it out right away~” Iffy followed the map’s direction and ran all the way into the hidden spider cave, only to see spider webs everywhere inside, and as soon as she entered the cave, there were a large group of small spiders half a man’s height.
“Hairy, many legs, how disgusting! Get the hell out of my way!” Iffy picked up her scythe and danced magnificently in place, spinning the hordes of spiders around like a fan at once, hacking her way through, stepping over their slimy corpses.
“Strange, how can there be a gorgeous silk suit in a cave that disgusting? …… But I heard that spider silk is the best material for clothes, I really can’t collect some spider silk to go back and ask Claudie to make a set for me~” Iffy thought as she kept an eye on the fresh spider silk scattered on the ground.
“It’s really tough, but …… it’s so sticky ……,” Iffy’s fingers were almost too sticky to pull the spider silk, so she had to put down her scythe and collect it with both hands.
“Eh …… the further in you go the spider silk seems to be getting thicker and thicker it …… has a better texture too, great ……” Iffy collected quite a lot of spider silk and was very happy to head deeper into the cave, strangely enough the spiders which had been very dense and annoying seemed to have stopped appearing for a long time, unbeknownst to Iffy many pairs of glowing red eyes were staring at her from the shadows in the sky above the cave.
“I seem to have heard Till say that the giant spiders used to be allies of the humans, helping them fight the demons while the humans helped them guard their nests …… but why are the spiders all hostile to humans now …… maybe it’s the rituals that can I don’t know, but it’s hard to imagine a girl who likes these eight-legged, furry creepy crawlies …… Whatever, let’s collect the spider silk and go back to making clothes~” Iffy put her war scythe aside and The spider’s silk was intact.
At this time, a huge figure slowly descended from above dangling from the silk threads and stopped right behind Iffy’s head, then suddenly opened its eight legs and hugged Iffy’s upper body tightly, suspending Iffy’s entire body in mid-air.
“Ehh?!!! Let go of me?!!! When did it get close?!!!” Iffy struggled to reach for her war scythe, but her hands were held immobile.
“Pounce!!!” The large spider began to violently spew white spider silk towards Iffy’s body, before its eight legs violently spun Iffy’s body to wrap the silk around it.
“No?!!! It’s so sticky!!!? It’s going to get tangled?!!! …… No!!!” Iffy struggled in vain, her beautiful legs in black silk stirring in mid-air, but was soon wrapped up in a dense tangle of silk threads and wrapped together.
Many spiders appeared from the ground in the darkness and together they spewed out a mass of silk threads towards the struggling Iffy, wrapping her spinning body tightly.
“Yaaaaaaahhhh?!!! STOP!!! …… body can’t move! …… is tied up!!!” Iffy shrieked in panic as the spider silk wrapped tighter and tighter around her body, her hands were clipped backwards behind her back and bound tightly together, as were her legs, wrapped without any gaps at all, soon Iffy was bound tightly all over with white spider silk, wrapped into a translucent white human cocoon.
“Let go of me?! …… put …… woo?!!! Unn!!!” As Iffy struggled, her open lips were also coldly sprayed into a large ball of spider silk that stuck for a moment and then wrapped her mouth in layers all the way around her nose.
“Ooohnnnnn?!!! WOO?!!!” Iffy’s spider-wrapped body twisted violently in mid-air as the giant spider, all red, immediately sank its tail genitals between Iffy’s spider-wrapped legs.
“Oooooooooooooooo? !!!!!” Iffy threw her head back and let out a loud, petulant cry, her lower pantyhose and panties already pierced as the spider’s tail poked directly into her honey hole, thrusting up wildly.
“oooooooooooooooooooo?!!! Oooh !!!!” Iffy squirmed violently with round, wintry eyes, being held in mid-air by the red spider with its eight legs, the tail’s thrusts were incredibly fast and not at all comparable to a human’s, thrusting Iffy’s tender body incessantly, a pair of breasts wrapped tightly in spider silk bouncing violently about.
“Puff !!!!” After thrusting its tail furiously into Iffy’s honey hole for a while, the red spider spasmed all over and began to shoot out hot, sticky, cum-like white, murky branches that sprayed everywhere between Iffy’s legs, then began to squirm its big ass rhythmically and began to lay a round spider egg into Iffy’s honey hole.
“Oooooooooohhhh!?!! …… (it’s going into my belly? …… spawning something?!!! …… bad?! …… Is it spawning in my belly ……?!!! …… don’t?!!! (……)” Iffy screamed in her heart at the thought, but no matter how violently she struggled, the spider silk only strangled tighter and tighter, wrapping her delicate body even more concave and sexy, as one by one the spider eggs were injected into Iffy’s womb, slowly stretching Iffy’s belly up.
“Oooh? !!!! (My belly …… is so big?!!! …… is being spawned into so many eggs?! …… Nasty!!! …… so disgusting?!!! …… No!!!) Oooooooooooooooooo?!!!” Iffy’s eyes were wide open as she cried out and struggled, watching her belly slowly bulge ……
In the town of Cohan, Marley had finished venting and quietly left Iffy’s room, leaving Fiona, still tightly bound and gagged and blindfolded, her bottom fucked until she was dripping with cum, sitting in a chair, her big, round, white tits left with even more intense whipping marks and cum, and her nipples torn red and puffy, even her gorgeous face, which had been shot with a huge glob of Marley’s cum, running down her high nose.
“Oooh …… en ……,” Fiona twisted hard, her powerful waist thrusting upwards, ripping the chair with a creak.
“Oooh …… oooh ……” Fiona gasped from the chair, then with more force, jerked herself violently in quick succession, and her calves, which were bent and tied under the chair, twisted hard, and Her legs were tied together except for her ankles, and her thighs could be spread apart with some relative freedom.
Then Fiona leaned over the bed and lifted her cum-sticky legs in her tattered stockings and rubbed them against the side of the bed, rubbing her heels off, then struggled to press her upper body forward and leaned her head onto her toes. Although wrapped in stockings, Fiona tried several times and managed to hold the blindfold with her toes, then slowly and forcefully pulled it upwards, finally pulling it off.
“Oooh …… en ……” Fiona paused to rest for a moment, her huge tits heaving up and down as she adjusted and slowly opened her eyes, then leaned the stocking that encased her mouth against the The stocking was so tightly wrapped that it took a long time for Fiona to rub it down a bit, revealing the gag ball between her lips, but it was tied to the back of her head and couldn’t be rubbed off, so Fiona had to find another way.
“Oooh …… (Damn girl …… this damn magic silk thread ……!!!)”
Inside the mercenary office.

“Miss Iffy has been gone for a long time, why hasn’t she come back yet, has something happened again?” De Yun said worriedly.
“Marley, have you found Miss Fiona yet?” Kaiyala asked.
“Ah, no, no, I’ve searched everywhere and I haven’t seen her.” Marley replied, stammering a little.
“Strange, could she have gone to Iffy-sama herself?”
“But, maybe~”
With a bang, the door was suddenly pushed open hard, only to see Fiona walk in wearing that silver low-cut, tight soft armor and translucent white silk skirt, black stockings and high heels, her face still flushed and her hair wet.
“Miss Fiona? Where have you just been, we can’t find you anywhere ……”
“Oh, I went to the river outside the village to take a bath ……” Fiona said as she ran a hand through her hair.
“Is there a river outside the village ……? –”
“Well, I heard that Iffy the dead …… Iffy lady has disappeared again? What the hell is going on?” Fiona asked aloud.
“Fiona-sama, you seem to be looking a little strange …… what’s wrong with your chest ……” Kyara noticed the dense red marks on Fiona’s snow white puffy breasts that hadn’t receded.
“Where, ah, this one itched to scratch itself in the shower, it’s nothing more, speaking of which, where the hell did Iffy go?” Fiona asked.
“She went to the Ice Valley to spy on the goblins, she should be back soon, but there’s no news yet, we’re worried something bad has happened to her.” De’rue said worriedly.
“Yes …… yes, so Miss Fiona, please go for another lie …… and get her back ……,” said one side of Marley stammered a little.
“Marley, what’s wrong with you, why are you talking so quietly today, not like your usual self at all.” Kaiyala asked curiously.
“No, nothing~”
“Ice Valley? Fine, this lady will go on a trip to get that trouble-loving girl back, just you wait.” Before Fiona left, she turned her head suspiciously and glanced at Marley, but with Marley wearing his helmet all the time and unable to see his expression, Fiona asked, “Mr. Marley, did you just go to Iffy’s room to look for me?”
“Huh? No, didn’t Miss Fiona say she had gone outside the village to take a bath? ……” replied Marley hastily.
“Really you haven’t been?” Fiona asked with a forced gaze, glaring at Marley.
“No, because Miss Iffy has gone out, so why would I go to her room ……,” Marley replied.
“Hmph, let’s talk about it when we get back.” Fiona thought for a moment and sauntered out the door.
“What the hell is wrong with Fiona-san this?” D’Yun and Kaiyara asked curiously.
“No, I don’t know yet …… you women have the most difficult things to understand about each other ……” Marley replied in a hurry.
A few hours later “Speak up!!! Have you seen a little girl called Iffy!!! Black hair, in a ponytail, wearing a long skirt and black stockings! Carrying a big scythe!” Fiona asked as she slammed her foot on Brother Ibek’s head and twisted it hard with her heels.
“Ouch!!! That hurts !!!!!!! See …… see …… she came here and made a big fuss and then left for some reason.” Big Brother shouted in reply.
“Left? Went where?!!!”
“I don’t know?!”
“Eh?!” Fiona’s phoenix eyes went wide and she raised her sword and poked it into her big brother’s thigh.
“Big brother!!!” The second and third brother lying next to him struggled and shouted.
“Okay …… I said!!! …… I seem to have seen her pick the package I left behind and then look at the map inside and head towards the spider’s cave ……”
“The spider’s cave?! Where is it?!!! Tell me!!! If you don’t tell me, I’ll castrate you with my sword!!! You bastard stinking men!!!” Fiona asked loudly with another glare from her phoenix eyes.
“Mistress have mercy …… Besides I am not a human being …… I say I say …… the cave is just… …”
Fiona found the spider cave and kicked Brother Ivak, who was leading the way, down the ice gully and then just walked in.
“Is that dead girl Iffy’s head in the sand? What the hell are you doing in this place? …… you wait …… the matter of the hotel when we find you and then slowly count …… actually dare to backstab me to play sm… Fiona had a fire in her belly extinguishing clump after clump of tiny spiders along the way, stepping on the spider’s tattered limbs to kill the deepest part of the cave.
“oooooooooooooooooooooooo?!!! Oooooh!!!” But there was Iffy, wrapped in a ball of spider silk, dangling in a huge spider web in mid-air, her belly already rolling and bulging as a large red spider clamped its eight legs tightly around her delicate body and kept plunging its huge tail into her lower body to mate.
“Dead girl? …… surprisingly by the spider …… belly is so big …… 80% of the belly was spawned …… so Disgusting …… but it’s karma huh~” Fiona looked at Iffy who was screaming with her big belly round and open eyes being fucked by the big spider, but she didn’t rush to do it, instead she smiled and stood aside watching her being fucked by the big spider.
“Oooh !!!! Woo!!!” Iffy cried out in surprise when she saw Fiona appear, wriggling and shouting at her.
“Hmph, you deserve it, the hell will save you this time, just take your time here and help this big spider lay its eggs~” Fiona laughed smugly.
“Oooh !!!!” Iffy was anxious at that, shaking her head and screaming desperately with big, round, pitiful eyes.
“You think my lady will fall for your pity play this time? Hmph, nice try~” Fiona said turning around to leave.
“Ooohnnnnnnn!!! …… woo !!!!!! Wooooo!!! ……” Iffy screamed loudly and with sobbing cries when she saw that Fiona was leaving without her.
“Hmph, go ahead and pretend …… You won’t care even if you cry into tears this time~” said Fiona with a smile, continuing to walk out the door.
“Woo!!! ~~~~~~~” Iffy’s cries got louder and were interspersed with a shrill scream, as if she was in pain from being poked with the big spider’s tail.
“Hmph …… what an annoying dead girl ……” Fiona stopped in her tracks and suddenly turned around, raising her rapier and shield and charging towards the red spider.
“Puff!!!” Seeing that Fiona was about to attack it, the red spider immediately pulled its tail out of Iffy’s honey hole and spewed out a thick spider silk at Fiona.
Fiona blocked it with her shield and leapt up in mid-air, then used the cover of her shield to poke at the red spider’s big belly.
All that was heard was a strange scream as the red spider convulsed and spurted out green blood, dropping Iffy and darting away from the web into the darkness.
“Really, why do you get caught by such a weak monster every time ……” Fiona said to Iffy, who was still wrapped up like a mummy, as she got him off the spider’s web.
“Woo! ……” Iffy’s mouth was still glued to the spider silk and she couldn’t speak.
“What a pain ……” Fiona had to use her hands to slowly pull the spider silk off of Iffy’s mouth.
“Thank you Fiona …… I knew you would come to save me …… you are such a good person ……” Iffy shed whimpered with tears in her eyes.
“Hmph, you finally know how to say thank you this time? And what about backstabbing me at the inn, eh?” Fiona laughed with her winks half closed and her arms crossed over her chest.
“What’s the matter …… last time was also thankful for it …… just that people are too embarrassed to say it …… people actually… …like …… Fiona-san very much, that’s why …… and Fiona-san …… play together well… …” whispered Iffy, her cheeks blushing.
“Like me? ……” Fiona blushed and had a strange feeling in her heart as she looked at Iffy’s shy expression.
“Yes …… but Fiona-san is so strong and stronger than others …… I was afraid of being bullied by Fiona-san …… so I went ahead and tied Fiona-san Fiona-sama tied up~ sorry well~” Iffy continued shyly.
“Okay, okay, look at how big your stomach is, let’s take you back and get your eggs out first ……” Fiona blushed and was embarrassed for a while, she hurriedly changed the subject and picked up Iffy and walked out the door.
Iffy’s head rested on Fiona’s back, twisting her head to look at Fiona’s mouth once again showed a smug bad smile ……
“Well …… the spider eggs in Miss Iffy’s stomach have all been expelled …… there are as many as 25 in total …… ” said Till as he gently wiped a towel across the forehead of Iffy, who was lying on the bed.
“Thank you, Till, you’re so gentle …… and a certain violent sister is completely different~” laughed Iffy as she lay on the bed.
“Who are you talking about?” Fiona asked angrily as she stood off to the side.
“Oops, angry, Fiona, you’re so cute~” Iffy said with a smile.

“You ……”
“Well, Miss Iffy please rest well, so …… can I take these spider eggs with me? …… The spiders guarding the village died …… I want to raise these little beings properly ……” said Till looking at the spider eggs in the basin.
“What, does Miss Till like spiders? …… And raising them …… You’re not afraid you’ll get …… the same as this dead girl,” asked Fiona.
“It’s okay, I can communicate with them, in fact they are very afraid, Miss Iffy may have violated their territory to be attacked ……” said Till lovingly stroking the spider eggs with her hand.
“Well, if Miss Till likes them, take them, I’m sure Miss Till will be able to take care of them …… In a sense …… they are my ‘own ‘s.’ –” said Iffy with a red face and a smile.
“Then thank you Miss Ife, I’ll go back first then, you have a good rest~” said Till, happily hugging the spider eggs and leaving.
“I really don’t understand Till-sama ……” Fiona murmured as she looked at the closed door.
“That, get some rest dead girl, I’ll come back for you in a few days ……” Fiona said walking towards the door.
“Fiona-san, you seem to have pulled something down oh~” came the charming voice of Iffy behind her.
“What the heck, dead girl …… en!!!?” Fiona had just turned around when, with a brush, Iffy had gotten up from the bed, tightly clad in stockings and underwear, and quickly tied her hands with red silk threads cut back behind her back for a moment before ripping her onto the bed with one hand.
“Hmph, of course it’s me …… You want to leave me to go back to bed by myself tonight? You wish~” Iffy pinned Fiona face down on the bed and then mounted her back, turning around and tying her long black silk legs tightly together with the silk thread as well then pulling them behind her back and tying her into a four-horse stance.
“Yahhh? Damn girl? Again?! ……” Fiona cried out as she squirmed and squealed.
“Hmph, don’t try to get away from me …… Fiona ……” Iffy smiled and pressed herself against Fiona in a flash, cupping Fiona’s big round tits with one hand and sucking her lips at once on Fiona’s mouth in a missionary kiss.
“Oooh!!! …… oooh en! …… eh ……” Fiona at first twisted and struggled hard, then stopped and kissed Iffy. As Iffy kissed Fiona, she reached down and opened the box next to the bed to feel for the thickest and longest of the large southern bangkok.
“Ah …… damn girl …… haven’t you had enough fun with those spiders today? ……” Fiona gasped and looked at Iffy and laughed.
“Hmph, how dare you try to walk away without me today …… I’m going to …… fix-it-you tonight ……” Iffy winks Leaning into Fiona’s ear, she said.
“Kill me? …… Damn girl …… with that body of yours …… can you do that? ~” Fiona replied with a half-closed wintry smile.
“Good tits Fiona, don’t think that just because your breasts are a little bigger you can ignore people!” Iffy bellowed, jabbing that big southern blond towards Fiona’s nectar hard, then clutching the exposed handle and giving it a firm twist.
“Yaaaaaaaaaah!!!? …… good you Iffy dead girl …… ehhhhh!!! ……”
“How about that? …… still have that trick! …… eh!!!”
“Ohhhhhhhhh ……”
After Iffy played with it for a while, she pulled the thick Nanbangoku that was sticky with Fiona’s love juices out of Fiona’s nectar in one go and threw it aside.
“Ah …… oh …… why did you pull out …… just …… having a good time …… come again ……,” Fiona asked, panting with her wintry eyes half closed.
“Hmph, you can’t always be the only one getting off ……” Iffy smiled as she fished a double-headed, super thick, double-headed snake vibrator out of the case, curved like an oversized double-headed rubber with a huge glans at the tip and a large round bulge on top.
“Here, Fiona, try this~” Iffy grinned as she slammed one of the two-headed snake’s ends into Fiona’s lower body.
“Oh?! …… what a thick one …… eh?! ……” Fiona moaned in comfort, while Iffy sat herself down hard against the other cocked half after inserting that half into Fiona’s lower body.
“Ehhhhhhhhhh !!!!”
Both of them cried out loudly at the same time, because of their weight, the South Pongguo poked a big part of Iffy’s pussy, and under the pressure, the South Pongguo of Fiona’s lower body was also pushed in a big part, both of them half-closed their eyes and opened their lips and moaned incessantly. undulating rapidly.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh?!!! Good …… so strong …… ahhhhhhhhhh?! Iffy …… Oh!!! ……”
“Ehhhhhhhhhh!!! …… Fio …… na …… ohhhhhh!!!”
The two beauties were on top of each other on the bed, writhing their snowy white bodies and screaming, crushing the bed, the two were like a combined juicer, as Iffy rode Fiona’s body up and down with hard undulations, both came to orgasm, the lust continued to squirt out of their nectar, mingling together and flowing down the silky stockings.

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