Wedge Heels:Complete Guide

What are wedge shoes?

Wedges are a type of high heels.Wedge heels, also known as wedge heels, as the name suggests, the heel part is a wedge-shaped slope. Wedges are high-heeled shoes, but there is also a certain height under the sole of the front of the wedges. If we compare ordinary high-heeled shoes of the same height with wedges, wedges are less tiring.

Wedge heels generally have a whole bottom surface as the heel, and the high heel at the back is connected to the front shoes, unlike ordinary high heels that only have a thin and independent heel. The advantage of wedge heels is that, with the thick sole, it can increase infinitely in a limited situation.And it’s easier to walk on than stilettos. Wedge shoes are heeled shoes, which are a kind of middle-heeled shoes. The height of the heel forward is a gradual slope reduction. The name of the wedge comes from this. It is generally travel shoes and sports shoes. Steel shank. It is generally believed that a heel with a height of 20 mm to 30 mm, neither high nor low, is more suitable and beneficial to health.

The development of wedge heels:

Wedge heels are high-heeled shoes, but there is also a certain height under the soles of the feet in front of the wedge heels. If the ordinary high-heeled shoes of the same height are compared with the wedge-heeled shoes, the wedge-heeled shoes are less tiring. Wedge shoes generally have a whole bottom surface as the heel, and the high heel at the back is connected to the front shoes, unlike ordinary high heels, which only have a thin and independent heel.

In the French comedy film “My Uncle” released in 1958, wedge shoes appeared. Even today, we don’t think the style is outdated, so how attractive are wedge shoes?

For the wedges that once swept all women in the 1970s, there should be no objection that they are the incarnation of classics. If you still have doubts, you might as well look at the old photos of the 1970s. It is not difficult. It is found that it is everywhere, accompanying every girl’s feet like a shadow. The interpretation of the nostalgic trend on shoes is the re-emergence of the long-lost wedge shoes. It is not only a review and follow-up of the once classics, but also adds sexy, luxurious and retro elements to this season’s shoes. The gentle female theme is applied to In the design, it never loses to the gorgeousness and softness of high heels.

However, with the ever-increasing pursuit of simplicity, bulky wedge heel designs have clearly fallen out of fashion. Maybe you will question why the bulky wedge shoes are popular again in today’s ever-evolving fashion. When it comes back to the arena, there must be something special in order to win the market.

The advantage of wedge heels is that, with the thick sole, it can increase infinitely in a limited situation, and it is easier to walk than stiletto heels. In terms of matching with clothes, knee-length skirts and large umbrella skirts with a slight ethnic flavor complement each other with wedge heels.

Wedge shoes features:


This summer’s wedge shoes no longer follow the previous route, and a large piece of hard stepped on the foot, as if walking on a rock. Although the upper body is graceful and light, the beauty is greatly reduced when the platform wedge shoes are exposed. The popular wedge heels are not bulky at all, but take the responsibility of shaping the heel curve of a streamlined shape. The latest design rules require: Whether it is the horizontal plane where the entire wedge is in contact with the ground or the vertical plane that shapes the height, it should present a beautiful “S” shape, and the heel should be narrowed to make the heel as refined and light as possible. The newly designed wedge shoes not only lose the bulk, but add a feminine charm and tenderness

In addition to the usual animal leather sandals in the past, fashion masters have focused their attention on plant materials, such as JeanPaulGaultier’s pure natural linen heels with thick satin laces, MaxMara with curtain ropes for laces, and DOlce&Gabbana with python skins but also embellished Linen tassels, and Dior is even more amazing, knitting wool made by grandmothers as sandals, and decorated with wool balls.
In terms of heels, the material has also changed a lot. The reason why the previous wedges were huge and bulky was basically because of their heels. In order to create a new image of lightness and comfort, the designer put a lot of hard work on the material of the heel. The extensive use of corrugated bottom and hemp rope bottom quickly reduces the “weight” of the heel, making it comfortable to walk on the road.

shoe height

Thin and narrow heels are beautiful to wear, but they will inevitably hurt your feet after wearing them for a long time. In order to allow women to wear high shoes and walk long distances comfortably, wedge heels came into being. Decades later, the unparalleled advantage of wedge heels still makes it stand out from the crowd. Wedge heels in 2005 generally have high heels, which seem to have a spirit of “trying to compete with God”. Although the heel is high, it is still comfortable to wear due to the wedge design and the use of light material in the heel. Even if it is not as easy as flat shoes, it is the most free and easy group of high-heeled shoes.


The flowers that were popular in the spring of 2005 also bloomed on the wedge shoes. The small and bright flowers make the wedge shoes made of cloth appear plain but not bland, which is very suitable for the spring season with trousers. Unlike the previous wedge shoes, which mostly stayed in heavy colors such as black and brown, the new wedge shoes are extremely bright and attractive in color, including bright red, pink green, bright yellow and other colors.
Headed by John Gauliano, playing baby colors such as powder blue and pink, MarcbyMarcJacobs prefers soft watercolor green and lemon yellow, and even Burberry, which has always been low-key, also painted light blue porcelain patterns on white sandals. In fact, whether it is a big name or an ordinary brand, colorful uppers are the general trend of most wedge shoes. Even if you wear dark clothes on a bright summer day, it doesn’t matter, I believe that the fancy sandals under your feet will definitely make people unforgettable.

How to choose wedge shoes?

  • Wedge heels will be more casual if you choose the style of slippers, of course, this is the best way to reflect the style of wedge heels.
  • Because wedge heels are generally more than 5cm, the shoe size is preferably one size larger than usual, which will balance the vision.
  • Pointed wedge shoes will squeeze the toes against each other, which can easily lead to hallux valgus symptoms.

Are wedges suitable for the crowd?

The rounded and strong lines of the calf and the wedge shoes will lead to all kinds of conjectures about sexiness.

The gospel of petite girls, it will not appear abrupt with the beauty of stretched proportions.

Most of the styles of wedge heels are combined with retro styles, so girls with wheatish skin tone are very suitable.

Wedge shoes are suitable for occasions:

Woven heels and wedges embellished with three-dimensional flowers are not serious enough to be banned from the Office.

Some minimally designed wedges can make you look taller if paired with trousers.

The latest design is a combination of silk scarves and wedge heels, which is first-class in beauty and is the best choice for parties.

How to care for wedge heels?

The style design of wedge heels changes with the popular elements. The popular elements of pastoral, punk and sweet styles are still popular today, and are deeply loved by female friends who pursue fashion. In spring and summer, wedge shoes have become one of the protagonists of fashion items. If you wear wedge shoes for a long time, you should maintain them regularly, so that you can wear them as new.

Leather wedge shoes maintenance tips
The leather fashion wedges are modern and elegant, and the soft cowhide fabric is comfortable to wear. The cleaned cowhide wedge shoes should be maintained with a special care agent for cowhide. Take an appropriate amount of care agent and apply it to the cortex surface of the wedge shoes, and wipe it gently with a soft and clean cloth, and then put the cowhide wedge shoes Put it in a ventilated, dry place to dry. If you don’t wear cowhide wedges temporarily, you can put them in the shoe box for collection, and don’t put them in random places to avoid damage to cowhide wedges.

Straw wedge shoes maintenance tips
Rustic straw wedge shoes are natural and simple and comfortable to wear. If there is dust on the surface of straw wedge shoes, you should clean them with a soft dry cloth in time. Never use a damp cloth for cleaning, because the dust will soak into the material with water. The interior becomes stubborn stains, affecting the appearance. Do not wear straw wedges on rainy days to prevent the shoe body from deforming. If the surface of the straw wedge shoe material is soaked with water, it should be wiped clean with a dry cloth in time.

Cloth wedge shoes maintenance tips
If the surface of the cloth wedge shoe is adhered by dust, it should be cleaned with a dry cloth in time. If you encounter stubborn stains, you can use a soft shoe brush to dip an appropriate amount of detergent to gently wipe the surface of the cloth until the stubborn stains are cleaned, and then put the cloth wedge shoes in a ventilated and dry place to dry. Do not expose it to the sun to avoid discoloration. If you don’t wear cloth wedges for a while, put them in a shoe box for collection.

Suggestions for matching wedges:

1. Wedge heels are styled with tight pencil pants, and relaxed and natural with loose trousers.
2. It is recommended to wear it with a more elegant and sweet short skirt or a bohemian style casual wear. This retro and modern feeling is the secret of its longevity!
3. Since the wedge-shaped thick-soled shoes raise the sole of the foot, the shoes with a height of 6, 7cm or even 11cm will not be too tired to wear, and it is no problem for business trips.
4. Although many sandals with wooden soles are very fashionable and beautiful, we still remind everyone that the wooden soles are very afraid of collision, and the integrity of the wooden soles can only be guaranteed if they do not walk a lot.

sweet girl pie

The woven wedge shoes have a romantic temperament, and a leisurely pastoral style is blowing on the face, the hollow woven top, the floral skirt with an umbrella and the delicate lace with a girly atmosphere, very good that resonates with wedges.

Unifying in one tone from top to bottom, the impression of pink and pink enhances the favorability, and the striped upper of the wedges complements the stripes of the short blouse.

The youthful and energetic green, the fluffy skirt with a slightly ethnic sense and the hollow top are harmonious and unified, and the wedge shoes with large flowers are eye-catching and eye-catching.

This season’s most popular collocation, printed T-shirt, replaces a single color with a pattern, a little less rigid, a little more lively, looks more cute, is a complex of leisure sports. Hong Kong brand weekendworkshop’s new spring brand collocation, as shown in Figure 1: The top is more casual and cute, and the style of the whole set can look relaxed and lively.

cool hipster

Beautiful colors and lace skirts, elegant and romantic combination, with red as the first generation, unlimited passion.

Cute little suspenders, beautiful cropped trousers, the sense of nationality is second, and the most important thing is the happy feeling created by this combination.

Women are born to be cared for. The pressure of work, the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoying the relaxation of body and mind are simply a luxury. Hehe, it’s actually not that complicated, as long as you step on the happy step, everything will become easier.

Leisure Holiday Pie
Textured wedge shoes can well reflect the sense of quality. Combining rich colors and fashion elements with suitable and in place wedge shoes can create a wonderful aesthetic.

The more difficult to wear five-point pants and wedges combination will weaken your troubles with body proportions.

The floral top is perfectly combined with the comfort of a wedge heel, and the chic crisscross straps are beautiful and tempting.

This spring, don’t worry about the controversy surrounding your bold exaggeration—because bold shoes and accessories, with coral blooms everywhere, flamboyant shapes and saturated colors, will make you the season’s most personal new favorite.


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