Stilettos:Complete Guide (2022)

What are stilettos?

Stilettos are a kind of high-heeled shoes. The main feature is that the heels are thin and high, like a dagger. Some people call them stiletto. The heels that can be called stilettos are all more than 8 cm, and the smallest diameter will not be. more than 1 cm.

This kind of stiletto heel is often coexisted with the pointed last, making it the sexiest and most difficult shoe to wear. Not everyone can easily control it. Generally, shoes over 7 cm will make people feel tired, and the instep will naturally arch. Forming a perfect arc, the slender heel adds elegance.

Introduction to the shape of stiletto heels:

Wearing stiletto heels, the toes will be squeezed into the pointed toe, and the toes will be squeezed every step of the way. This pain, combined with the thin heel, brings a shaky feeling and adds a bit of sexiness.

The heel is getting higher and higher, the toe is getting more and more pointed: I am pointed high heels, leading the fashion, running on the cusp of the trend. Fortunately, advanced technology can keep up with our fashion footsteps.

Unique features of stilettos:

Pointed toe, nail heel, and imitation leather are the three major elements of shoe popularity. Stepping on such a pair of extremely cool shoes is very punctual, and the return rate must be 100%! No wonder actress Zheng Xiuwen said that in order to be beautiful, she had to wear pointed shoes that were 1 size smaller, so that she was avant-garde. The survey by American shoe fashion guru Megan Cleary for two online dating sites found that 80 percent of women would choose to wear stilettos or strappy heels on their first date.

Stiletto heels can be worn often, but the premise is that they must be comfortable to wear, and the heel must be stable when standing, otherwise it is better not to buy them. In addition, the shoes should be lined with the feet, if only the shoes are good-looking, but not the feet. , will not be considered.

Stilettos are not for the crowd:

When an obese person walks, the pelvis and lumbar spine will involuntarily tilt forward, the center of gravity will move forward, and the force on the waist will increase. If the shoes are not properly worn, the force will be uneven, not only the feet, but also the waist will be damaged. Especially after a person passes middle age, the bones will become wider, and the feet are more likely to do so.

On the other hand, the soles of fat people are hypertrophic, and the lateral width becomes wider, making it more difficult to choose shoes. Men’s shoes are not bad, mostly leather shoes and cloth shoes with round toes and flat heels; women’s shoes, especially leather shoes, are mostly pointed. The phalanges are damaged, causing deformation of the foot.

Advice on stilettos:

Older women are better off choosing round-toe flat shoes. But fat people are not suitable for wearing flat shoes. Because shoes with too thin soles do not have a cushioning effect, when walking, the impact force from the ground will directly act on the feet, which is easy to make the feet feel tired and sore. Obese women are more likely to suffer from flat feet, weakened urethral control of urination, and damage to the lumbar spine. Therefore, obese women are best not to wear flat shoes and stilettos, and should try to choose round-toed wedge shoes below 5 cm.


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