As soon as a woman puts on stockings, everything smells out

For people who like women’s feet, the most attractive thing about women’s feet is its taste, so many men are eager to lick women’s feet and smell women’s stockings, which has formed a large number of foot fetish crowds.

On the website, you will find that articles about women’s feet and stockings tend to have more hits than pure sex articles, and major websites are also full of friends circles of many foot fetish and stockings lovers, which is enough to prove It likes women’s feet and stockings as many people.

Since ancient times, the taste of men and women has become the most attractive temptation between human beings of the opposite sex. Of course, humans are not animals, because smell is the only way to seduce the opposite sex between male and female animals, so human beings have a far higher demand for the taste of the opposite sex.

In the pure sense of smell, but the pursuit of a combination of beauty and taste. Whether it is men who pursue feminine women, or women who like men who are masculine, it does not refer to the smell of the opposite sex, but because of the combination of visual charm and taste.

Due to the difference between men’s physiological hormones and skin structure and women’s, men’s sweat can secrete a relatively strong smell, which is why some women especially like to smell this smell on men; on the contrary, the smell of women’s sweat is relatively light. Therefore, some men turn their olfactory attention to women’s feet, which produce more sweat, but the smell on women’s feet is actually not much different from the smell of sweat on their bodies, and women wear shoes. The form is different from that of men.

The high-heeled shoes keep the feet of women away from the ground. The walking posture of women also moves the center of gravity of the body forward to the toes. The concentrated soles of the feet reduce the friction with the shoes and naturally reduce the secretion of sweat. ; On the contrary, it is the stockings that can fully absorb the smell of women’s sweat and perfume, mixed with the special smell of the silk of the stockings itself, to create a unique smell on a woman, which flatters men who are sensitive to the sense of smell of the opposite sex.

Although Western sex scholars and psychologists believe that men like women’s feet because women’s feet are the sexual characteristics of women’s bodies, it is undeniable that the smell of sex also makes men more fond of women’s feet and like On the woman’s stockings.

Of course, the smell on each woman’s feet is different. Even if it is the same woman, whether she wears stockings, what kind of stockings she wears, whether she has perfume, and what kind of shoes she wears, women’s feet have different smells every day.

Some men like women’s light skin smell, so they prefer feet without stockings, or women’s bare feet after bathing. Stockings are the main medium to increase the smell of women, so more men prefer the smell of feet wearing stockings. The stockings are mainly composed of cotton and spandex.

The cotton wheel can fully absorb the sweat on the human body, and at the same time, it also reduces the body odor and perfume smell on the woman’s body. The spandex itself emits a special chemical fragrance. Women’s body odors and perfume scents preserved on the cotton wheel mix into a scent that stimulates the male sense of smell. Some western perfumes also extract special chemical scents from spandex and mix them in women’s perfume products, which is also based on the reason why this scent is particularly attractive to men’s sexual desire.

The smell of stockings that can produce a special temptation with women’s feet is mainly attributed to spandex. Spandex is a necessary component to increase the elasticity and tenacity of stockings, but its cost is higher than that of cotton, so cheaper stockings often contain spandex.

It is also the reason why cheap stockings are easy to break, so more expensive stockings are more likely to produce a strong and tempting “sex” taste. In addition, relatively thin and transparent stockings also need to contain higher spandex to fully increase the endurance of stockings, Therefore, thin stockings have more chemical fragrance of spandex than thick stockings. However, although the stockings with higher cotton content do not have a strong chemical fragrance, they can indeed retain the original flavor of a woman’s body.

Therefore, if a woman wears different stockings every day, the feet will also have different tastes. The different proportions of cotton and spandex in different stockings can completely change the taste of women’s feet every day. At the same time, some stockings also contain knitted, woolen, cotton or velvet ingredients. These ingredients are generally not the best materials for making stockings, because these materials will increase the smell of foot sweat, but for men who like strong foot sweat Said that this kind of stockings can bring another kind of nerve stimulation.

Some men especially like the mesh stockings or patterned stockings worn by women. In addition to the seductive vision brought about by the mesh and pattern, these stockings actually contain some knitted components, so they tend to be more expensive than women’s bare feet. The strong smell of foot sweat. If women who like to sweat wear these kinds of stockings, people can smell the sweat even if they are only slightly close to the feet of women, so these kinds of stockings also stimulate the sense of smell of some men.

Although the sense of smell between the opposite sex is an incentive for men to like women’s feet, liking the smell of women’s feet is not a patent for men, because the chemical smell of spandex on stockings mixed with the smell of leather goods on leather high-heeled shoes can produce A chemical smell that stimulates the secretion of both male and female hormones, so logically, the smell produced by a woman wearing stockings and leather shoes at the same time can also produce olfactory stimulation to the same sex.

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